Music is a powerful tool by its very nature that enables self-expression, listening and creativity, and affects mental and emotional states.

It is a spontaneous form of expression that is often easier to learn than verbal communication. It is a universal language that conveys emotions and can be used to treat emotional difficulties. Music-loving staff members employ music in various settings with the participants.

The participants enjoy sharing information about themselves, including personal experiences, while writing and composing songs.

Physical limitations sometimes require adapting the musical instruments to make them more accessible, including technological means and adapted software and using the participants’ slightest movements to produce voices, sounds and melodies.

“Morning Song”

We love to sing
Together all the time
In both Hebrew and English
Through the music, we discover
Many new things

And if we’re already singing
(We’re hardly professional singers)
We’re creating experiences
Beautiful days
Because every song begins at home.
Sometimes just a short tune
Behind every line hides a story
Here we go, go go

Okeydokey here we go
Things are starting to get tasty
Cookies, Pasta, Dried Fruit,
Chakras open up
Debts are settled
Stomachs are empty
The joy of lifeeeee
Thank you

A quote from the song:

Israel is at war!
The members of Alin Beit Noam need your help.

The Swords of Iron War has left those with special needs profoundly vulnerable. Alin Beit Noam needs your help to make sure its members and the wider community can navigate these complex times in safety.