Beit Noam participants have significant inborn impairments. Despite this, the Beit Noam staff does their utmost to take the disability into account, circumvent the difficulties and improve functioning, thereby avoiding as much as possible a perception of them as handicapped. This therapeutic approach is underpins all of the treatments offered in Beit Noam.

Due to the participants’ mature age, their movement and physical function limitations are more prominent.

It is impossible to cure the impairment, but a receptive and supportive environment affords the participants opportunities to uncover new abilities and put them into practice. The staff members believe in the person in front of them and see them as capable and talented, no matter their impairment.

They do not shackle the person to their disability but express faith and trust in them, nurturing every sliver of talent. We aspire to create a safe, enabling, accepting and supportive environment for the participants that encourages maximum movement.

In doing so, we help each participant develop their belief in themselves and learn from positive experiences, be proactive and as independent as possible within their capabilities. We nurture the innate abilities of our participants and empower them by building their self-esteem.

Israel is at war!
The members of Alin Beit Noam need your help.

The Swords of Iron War has left those with special needs profoundly vulnerable. Alin Beit Noam needs your help to make sure its members and the wider community can navigate these complex times in safety.