Noam Events
Celebrations with Social Impact

The Beit Noam Daycare Center offers “Noam Events” – an event hall that combines celebration and social impact.

Group activities / workshops / lectures / seminars / birthdays / private events

A fully accessible, 1500-sq ft. hall ready for use and suitable for events for up to 100 people.

  • Advanced multimedia system
  • Option for kosher (meat) catering from our kitchens
  • Adjacent to an accessible, large hall
  • Art space adjacent
  • Option to rent event equipment
  • Plentiful parking
  • The hall is available every day from 18:00

An Experience with Social Impact

Proceeds go toward Alin Beit Noam, which works to improve the quality of life of individuals with disabilities.

To schedule a meeting and for more information: Nitzan Elkana

[email protected]