National Service & Pre-Army Service

“National Service in Beit Noam is about waking up in the morning with a smile on your face and not waiting for the day to end.
Beit Noam is not just about saying that we should be happy with what we have but truly living and breathing that sentiment.
Beit Noam is about meeting “the other” only to discover that we are quite similar after all!”

(Bruriah Maya-Geniram, National Service graduate)

Thirty National Service and pre-army service volunteers join Beit Noam’s ranks every year. These volunteers are part of the young, vibrant team in Beit Noam who work together in a warm, family-like atmosphere. The team members help the daily participants to live happy, exciting lives filled with the satisfaction of constantly being active and creating.

The National Service and pre-army service volunteers accompany the daily users in all of their activities: the pool, the music room, communication practice, the Snoezelen, the petting zoo, art activities and vocational workshops – to name just a few of the activities that take place in and outside of Beit Noam.

All of this is done with the greatest of love!

During their year of service, the volunteers face emotional and physical challenges which shape them, creating a generation of young, generous and idealistic adults with so much to give the communities they join. The volunteers receive professional one-on-one and group guidance throughout their volunteering due to the complex nature of their work. They also receive practical training, including professional guidance in different fields.

Upon completing their service, these volunteers return to Israeli society more socially active and engaged. They continue to spread the values they acquired in Beit Noam, whether in their army service or in any later framework they choose.

Many pursue relevant academic pathways, acquiring a professional qualification and returning to Beit Noam as full-time employees. As a result, many of the team members are former National Service and pre-army service youngsters.

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If you are interested in a unique, meaningful and challenging experience – we want you here with us.

You’re invited to our conferences and interviews – potential volunteers leave our selection process with smiles on their faces!

For more details, please contact
Na’ama – 052-8782425 or
Racheli – 050-9852410
You can also receive more information via email: [email protected]

A taste of all our fun

Graduate Testimonials

Ada – September 2021:

“This was one of the hardest years I’ve ever experienced. But – and it’s a big but – this was also the most incredible, wonderful year I’ve ever experienced.
One of the things that made this year incredible was the people – wonderful people who changed my life. Literally.
From all these good people who surrounded me, I learned to love. To love in a way and on a level that I never knew was possible until I came to Beit Noam. Who knew that it was possible to love so deeply people I only met a year ago?
I am not only talking about the residents who have filled my heart and who I love so much. I am also talking about every one of the people I met this year – people who guided me through this incredible experience, entered my heart, and to whom I simply don’t know how to say goodbye.
So I will simply say thank you. Thank you for the biggest gift I’ve ever received in my life. Thank you for the gift of loving and feeling loved. Thank you for the gift of meeting and learning from amazing people who have opened my heart. Thank you for the journey and the process you took me through. Thank you for everything.”

Hila Segal – September 2021:

“I am still struggling to find the words to express what I have been through this year, but one thing I am sure of is that I made the best choice possible!
I learned to love in a way that I didn’t know was possible; unconditional love, love beyond limits, love beyond words…
Thank you for the incredible opportunity to leave my comfort zone, put life into perspective, and meet a whole world full of amazing people.
You’ve opened my heart. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it, I am so grateful.”

Tiferet – September 2021:

“For me, summarizing two years of service in Beit Noam is like coming up with a solution for an endless puzzle, because the experience has not yet ended.
If I talk about what did happen – I will always think about what could have been better. There is always a kind of curiosity, a “what if?” – what if I had woken up each morning with a bit more of a desire to be there. I say that, in all honesty, from a place of wanting to be a better person, without making excuses.

However, if I choose to ignore that side of me and examine myself from a birds-eye view, I would say to myself, “Wow, sweety, look at how many hurdles you overcame in such a short space of time. Look at how you did the best you could. Even when your heart was a mess, look at how you woke up almost every morning. You didn’t take the easy way out. You knew that this was exactly what you needed to do – without demanding explanations.”

It was amazing, awful, challenging, good, so-so, and so much more, and all of that continued for another year. But who would have believed that even when despair was constantly close by, that I would actually complete my service? Without giving up halfway through?? And even stay on for another year from a place of happiness?! I bless myself that I will continue to find the strength to continue and to act, that I won’t ever let myself just give up and that I will be happy with the decision to appreciate life.
With enormous love and respect for everyone at Beit Noam – staff and residents who are deep in my heart and who were a part of the transformation that I experienced.
Thank you for teaching me to appreciate processes without expecting immediate results. Thank you for teaching me that it is possible to speak through one’s eyes. Thank you for teaching me that there are other ways…to simply be.”

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