Occupation is a way for everyone to reinforce and realize individual goals such as acquiring skills and work habits and improving self-image, satisfaction, calmness, security and independence.

When a Beit Noam participant is asked, “What do you like to do most of all in Beit Noam?” their answer is, “to work.” Work, including their occupation activities, carries a huge significance for them.

The work habits that the participants acquire, the sense of stability and structure at work, give the participants confidence, an opportunity for self-expression and a sense of satisfaction. The work empowers them, boosts their abilities and allows them to be active, productive contributors to society, and not just people who are dependent on the contributions of others.

Israel is at war!
The members of Alin Beit Noam need your help.

The Swords of Iron War has left those with special needs profoundly vulnerable. Alin Beit Noam needs your help to make sure its members and the wider community can navigate these complex times in safety.