Beit Noam has a snoezelen room where the participants come to partake in a variety of different activities.

The name snoezelen is the combination of two Dutch words: “snuffelen,” meaning ‘to smell,” and “soezen,” meaning “to nap,” and is otherwise known as a “multi-sensory environment.”

The room is designed to provide participants with a calm, comfortable and safe environment. The snoezelen room is entirely lined with mattresses, and on entering the room, one is presented with the opportunity of entering a new world, separate from the one outside.

The activities take place on the mattresses, with a unique combination of music, lighting, vibration, sensations, touch and smell, allowing the participants to experience pleasant, stimulating or relaxing multi-sensory experiences.

The room is unique thanks to its distinctive equipment and is used for one-on-one and group meetings.

The enveloping, quiet atmosphere in the room can provide the opportunity for a conversation in a relaxed environment free of external distractions.

In the movement groups, participants have the opportunity for lots of movement as they are helped to crawl and roll on the mattresses and operate the various devices in the room.

In relaxation exercises or one-on-one exercises, emphasis is placed on the interpersonal relationships, creating opportunities for a deep connection and moments of choice.

The snoezelen room facilitates a wide variety of activities – therapeutic exercises that facilitate social conversations, activities that focus on the body-mind connection, touch, relaxation, quiet for the body, and playful, enjoyable activities that allow for gentle, enabling, safe movement.

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