Terms & conditions

From the Articles of Association of the Organization:

The Organization is a registered organization according to the Associations Law 5740-1980 (according to the “Associations Law”) and fulfills the requirements of the Associations Law regarding preparation of reports, notices and protocols.

The Organization is a not-for-profit corporation initiating and operating high-quality services to integrate adults with disabilities in all areas of life, and running activities aimed at social change concerning people who are different in general, and specifically people with disabilities.

The Organization is approved regarding donations pursuant to Section 46(a) of the Income Tax Ordinance.

Israel is at war!
The members of Alin Beit Noam need your help.

The Swords of Iron War has left those with special needs profoundly vulnerable. Alin Beit Noam needs your help to make sure its members and the wider community can navigate these complex times in safety.